Monday, August 24, 2009

Adventures in filming

Question: What is it like to film in an ancient, closed down lodge that resides in the middle of nowhere next to an equally ancient gold mine?

Answer: Creepy.

Over the weekend, we filmed the trailer for Proper Binge at a place called "Motherlode Lodge". Nice place. Although, when there is no power, no running water, and you and your crew are the only people there, it's more than a little spooky.

With the whole rustic feel, "The Shining"-esque hallways, doors that seemed to open and close on their own, the abandoned mining shacks out front, the prisoner work crew that was cleaning up the area, and a lone black and white picture of a little girl with an "I'm going to turn you inside out" smile on her face, it would make a FUCKING AWESOME location for a horror film.

Come play with us...

Now, had it been a horror film, I would have been the first to die. Why? Because I was exploring every pitch black nook and cranny of that place while wearing a giant daisy costume. The set-up could not have been more perfect for my demise. If I was watching the movie, I would be rooting for it.

Alas, I survived, and I had a blast! Everything went very well, and I can't wait to see how it all turned out. Funny thing is, by the end of the shoot, I ended up looking like the crazed psycho that we were all expecting to run into...

I think I'll use this for my online dating profile


  1. Nice art-tickle, Berick.
    Great pics, have any more?

  2. Unfortunately, no. And I'm really kicking myself about it. Although, Richard and I did a great walkthrough of the place with this video camera. I'm hoping I can get a copy of that. :D