Thursday, August 20, 2009

The rules of #brokenslogan

In the interest of saving myself the time and effort of Tweeting the rules of my game EVERY TIME, I present:


PART I - What the fuck is #brokenslogan?!

It is a Twitter game that I have invented that I have ever so cleverly named: Broken Slogan. Every weekday (at a random time), I tweet the first part of a company/product slogan. Your goal is to be the first to tweet the rest of the slogan back to me! Got it? No? Then please turn your books to PART I.

PART II - How the fuck do I play?

It is easy to play. You login to your twitter account (If you don't have one, here's how to get one), and simply tweet your guess to me. If you are the first one to get it right, a winner is you!

There is a catch: Your guess must be tweeted in the following format for it to count.

#brokenslogan [Number]: "[Your guess]" [*any smartass remarks that will make me laugh] @berickcook

(*optional, but awesome)

PART III - What's in it for me?! Oh, and... Fuck!

If you win: I mention you and the broken slogan you did, you get the love and respect of people everywhere, Old Yeller comes back to life, world hunger is solved, and you get put on the list of people not to be killed during the coming ROBOT REVOLUTION!

PART IV - I don't fucking get it!

*Sigh* Alright, here's an example:

ME: #brokenslogan 98465: "Once you pop..." (I know what you're going to say)

YOU: #brokenslogan 98465: "You just can't stop!" THAT WHAT SHE SAID! LAWL @berickcook

ME: The winner of #brokenslogan 98465 is @YOU! I told you I knew what you were going to say...

PART V - What if I forget your stupid fucking ":"?!

Goddamn! You cuss like a motherfucking sailor! Shut the fuck up and sit your ass down for some learnin'! *Ahem* Look. I'm not a grammar nazi... Ok, so maybe I am, BUT I will give you some slack in the interest of not being a complete dick. So, here is the list of exceptions that I will still accept as valid answers:
  1. Forgetting the :. Example - YOU: #brokenslogan 98465 "You just can't stop" @berickcook

  2. Saying the whole slogan (NOTE - This is required when there is a "___"). Example - YOU: #brokenslogan 98465: "Once you pop you just can't stop!" @berickcook

  3. Forgetting the quotation marks. Example - YOU: #brokenslogan 98465: You just can't stop

  4. Jumbling the order of the response (As long as it's all there). Example - YOU: @berickcook 98465 "You just can't stop!" #brokenslogan
But please, try to elevate my faith in humanity by NOT doing those on a regular basis.

On the other hand, these are the things that will make your answer invalid (and suck):
  1. Forgetting the #brokenslogan tag. Example - YOU DON'T NEED ONE

  2. Forgetting the number of the brokenslogan you are answering. Example - YOU DON'T NEED ONE HERE EITHER

  3. Omitting (definition of omitting) words. Example - YOU: #brokenslogan 98465: "You can't stop!" @berickcook

  4. Spelling errors. Example - YOU: #brokenslogan 98465: "U kan't sotp!" @berickcook <- NO. Just...NO.
PART ELEVENTYSEVEN - What the fuck is this "___" shit?!

On occasion, a slogan will use the name of the product/company/deity in the slogan. Since many times the name is a dead giveaway for the slogan, I blank it out (like that party last night... *shudder*). If a blank if given, your answer must be the ENTIRE SLOGAN with the blank filled in! Again with the examples:

ME: #brokenslogan 1337: "___ gives..."

YOU: #brokenslogan 1337: "RedBull gives you wings!"


If you have made it this far without suffering from the infamously widespread TL;DR disease you instantly win 100 points! Congratulations!

Good luck, and have fun!

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