Thursday, August 20, 2009

A little more about myself...

While I am officially Twitter-pated, there are times when my random thoughts are 145 characters in length. Since 145 > 140, most of the time those thoughts are banished into the realm of not-being-posted-to-the-interwebs. That is, unless I can shorten it by 5 characters through the magic of webspeak.

However, if I start posing things such as "k, so i wnt 2 th stre & gt mlk. I rn n2 @NathanFillion tlkin wth @WilliamShatner abt @TheBloggess n wz lke ZOMG cpt Rnlds & cpt Krk!!one!! I gt thm 2 sgn my mlk crtn thn I wnt hme n plyd WOW" Even the porn spammers would be like "WTF?" *BLOCK*

So henceforth I shall post all of my lengthier tirades here! For example:

Since my Twitter profile description is also limited to 140 characters, I have simplified myself with "A 24 year old guy who is an actor, writer, inventor, and game designer". I would like to take some time now and expand upon that.

I am a twenty four year old human male. I am a film actor who is co-starring in an upcoming movie (Proper Binge), I am writer of words that I am hoping will become books, I am an inventor of gizmos that will probably change the world, and I am PC video game designer that has made a few small (mostly unknown) games.

I feel like we are so much closer now!

P.S. If you can translate my webspeak, I'm torn between being proud of you and lecturing you about the wonders of OUTSIDE.

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